Are you looking for a song to recommend to your friends? Do you want to have only the best Imagine Dragons songs on your playlists? Well, there are too many 5 star songs to choose from, but here are some of our favorites.

“Bleeding Out” is a surprisingly awesome song that was one of the hits of the Evolve World Tour. It is a passionate and romantic song that melts the heart once the vocals come through. The instrumentation is on point and is one of the most live performance songs from this band.

“Amsterdam” is a song that was released previously as part of an EP before becoming part of the Night Visions albums. It has a lot of the alt-rock roots that formed part of the band’s early identity. It’s a song with hope measured by regret and denial with smart lyrics that fans have talked about long after the song saw less airplay.

Finally be sure to check out “Walking the Wire”. This song has a lot of the energy that you can expect from rock anthems throughout music history as well as some of the most satisfying segments in music. The “oh” chorus is incredibly rich and has been a fan favorite ever since the song first dropped.